Securing the Internet of Things

More and more devices are connected to our home and businesses nowadays, so is the security risk. The Internet of things are growing rapidly so we have to take care of our privacy and safety. As per the graph by Statista there are 20.35 billion IoT devices installed worldwide. Below are few steps to secure the Internet of Things:

  1. Connect your IoT devices to internet only when required otherwise do not.
  2. Create a separate guest network for your devices so that they do not gain access to other shared files or networked devices.
  3. Create strong and different passwords for different devices. Strong means combination of alphabets, numbers, special characters and at least one letter in capital.
  4. Make sure your devices are updated with latest firmware. Keep the automatic updates on.
  5. Personal devices should not be allowed to connect to business network or should be given guest network to connect.
  6. Businesses should constantly monitor the devices getting connected to network. Their access should be restricted or limited. Devices should be fully patched and up to date.
  7. If IoT devices are using cloud services, it should be made sure that they provide assurance of encryption and data protection.

Make sure to buy IoT devices with good security protocols, which are easy to patch or update and having proper privacy policy. INT INT

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