It’s time to get serious about email security

In today’s hyper-connected world, email is the foundation of every organization’s collaboration, productivity, and character. And despite annual rumors of its demise, there’s no reason to believe we’ll be writing its eulogy anytime soon. With its ubiquity and universal appeal, email is a treasure trove of sensitive business information. That’s why emails leaks aren’t just data loss events. They’re direct attacks on your brand and reputation.

Despite team collaboration and communication tools like Slack and HipChat growing in popularity, people sent about 120 billion business emails per day in 2017. Employees willingly trust email enough to share their most confidential thoughts and ideas, intellectual property, medical information, and more. According to LinkedIn’s 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report, employees are 50% more likely to use email to exchange sensitive files, rather than using a cloud service like Box or Dropbox, resulting in 63% of employees sharing sensitive data over email. If data protection is a priority for you, that’s a big issue.

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