Stress is your biggest enemy, say it immediately bye!

Avoiding stress is not possible for anyone. But it should come everybody to face it. Whereas methods like hearing deep breathing and listening to mechanical music in the office remove tension, you can refresh the mood by doing your favorite work at home. There is no hindrance in work and enthusiasm for life, it is very necessary that we should be ready to face the stress. There is no such person in the running and running life of today, there is no tension in his life. Ways to defeat stress vary according to the place and the circumstances.

Every person has different stress points. That is, in the event of stress, every person experiences pain in different parts of the body (due to the toxicity of the store), for example in the head, stomach, chest or legs. If this happens, then breathe deeply and imagine that the air is entering the affected area with pain. After holding the breath for a few moments, imagine that tension with the air is also going out of the body. With this imagination, breathe deep breaths from the breathing tube. For example, if there is a headache due to stress, take a deep breath and imagine that oxygen is reaching your head. After a few seconds of waiting, imagine that stress is also coming out with air from your head. Many times this will reduce your stress.

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