Differing attitudes in Europe to app security – IT SECURITY GURU


Many of us Brits like to think we are different to our continental neighbours. There are plenty of things that point to us being unique and our mobile habits seem to back this up. Research shows that us Brits really do think differently to our European counterparts.A global study by A10 Networks found that there are differing attitudes in Europe to app security and smartphone usage. Most notably, Britons tend to flout the rules, the French possess a laissez-faire attitude towards security and the Germans are more likely to be sticklers for the regulations, according to the report. The research, which encompassed the views of 2,000 business and IT professionals in 10 countries, shows that Brits are more dependent on their apps than the French and Germans but are also, worryingly, far more likely to use personal applications that are not sanctioned by their employer.

Source: www.itsecurityguru.org


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